The Power of the Micro-Influencer

It was only yesterday I saw an influencer on Instagram wearing a brand I hadn’t heard of before. I went to the brands Instagram page instantly and within moments had purchased the exact same item the influencer was wearing. I can’t remember the last time I bought clothing from a retail outlet and not online. 

We all know e-commerce had boomed before the hit of COVID last year, but now it’s a different story. E-commerce, and getting it right is what will drive your revenue above your competitors, especially in the new world we live in. Having a sophisticated E-Commerce Store, Social Media Strategy and Digital Paid Advertising is how you now attract your audience – who are most likely to be working from home in front of their screens for the majority of their time.

Brands have always used influencers to drive revenue, but unlike using huge celebrities (which come with a hefty price tag) now is the time to make use of Micro Influencers. Micro Influencers are everyday people who have a specific engaged following of over 3000 on either Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. It is effectively the new word of mouth marketing especially important whilst we are not allowed to socialise in large groups in the office or with friends anymore.

I have worked on a multitude of influencer campaigns and learnt some key things which you can help kick off your influencer strategy in the right direction:

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Kitty Walker is Kingcoms’s Agency Lead, managing the overall agency operations. She has a multitude of experience in the brand marketing and advertising world across EMEA and APAC working both as a Brand Manager in FMCG for a number of years and then within the Media Agency sphere.

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