A Strong Brand Identity: What’s the big deal?

We are all loyal to certain brands. And we are all likely to be loyal to either Pepsi or Coca Cola when it comes to Soda brands. Pepsi ran a blind taste test challenge. Testers were invited to sip from two unmarked white cups and then asked to indicate their preference. Much to everyone’s surprise, the results actually leaned towards Pepsi as the preferred cola choice by Americans – by a large margin.

There’s a great deal that we can learn from this. According to a psychological report compiled by researchers from King’s College (1983), consumers are biased towards the brand more than the taste WHEN they are able to see the labels before they taste the product. In other words, we may be brand-conscious without even realising it in certain situations.

A strong brand is one that resonates with consumers, not just your target audience. It bears presence both psychologically and emotionally to make an impact (like a CTA). The essence of a good brand is a mix of character, visual appeal and contentment (Habit).

I will break it down into five main points of why having a good brand identity is important:

In conclusion, branding is a work of legacy for young and established brands alike. Every aspect contributes to building a successful brand.

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