Close the Consumer Loop through Retargeting

Does this sound familiar? You’re scrolling down your Instagram feed and you noticed you are being served an ad on a product you were just talking about? No coincidence on this, as this is an example of retargeting at work. Brands can now set up campaigns designed to follow their audience based on their interests, websites visited – or even our life stages – brands can now know whether you’re planning your wedding or getting a new pet.

I visited my local supermarket yesterday and saw a nifty invention being marketed by the soap brand we’re using at home – it is an automatic soap dispensing machine. Considering how many times I wash my hands a day with the current environment, a thought popped into my head about needing this device but I thought to myself, let me dwell on it and decide later. Once I got home I told my partner about it and we researched the product. Later that night while I was laying in bed scrolling through Instagram I was targeted by an ad of this product, offering a special price of just 30 dollars, this was the moment I decided to close my consumer loop and purchased 2 of these fancy soap dispensing machines.

This is just one example of the power of retargeting ads that reached the consumer, in this case myself, at the right moment offering something compelling.

Statistics to consider

Brands and marketers rely on strategies such as content marketing and display ads to drive traffic to their website, but only an estimated 2% of web traffic converts consumers on the first visit. Retargeting is one of the tools that can be used to recapture your interest and help with conversions.

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Tait Ewin is the Business Development Manager at Kingscom, managing all client acquisition and new business development strategies. He has extensive experience across the APAC region in account management and media sales.

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