Live Streaming – The New Marketing Go-to

Covid-19 has impacted the world on a large scale, forcing brands to re-think their marketing strategy for consumers.Digital tools such as live-streaming and webinars have kept brands connected with their consumers during this time.. As a digital marketer myself, I have seen my luxury clients change the way they reach out to their consumers – specifically enabling e-commerce in China.

Many luxury brands have taken to live-streaming their new product launches within their boutiques in order to bridge isolated consumers with their brand during this pandemic. This allows customer retention and builds brand loyalty, even though the boutiques are inaccessible to consumers. These live-streams and webinars are highly interactive and make use of filters and AI to deliver an experience consumers have never seen before. Brands such as Burberry, Tom Ford and Michael Kors have been using this marketing strategy to infiltrate China’s intimidating luxury market. 

Using social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok are most popular for brands to reach out to their consumers to organise live-streams and webinars. They act as a replacement for physical events such as product launches and are the most engaging type of content today. Stats show that more than 80% of users prefer watching brand videos rather than reading their blogs or scanning through their social network text updates.

Webinars and live-streaming marketing allows brands to engage with their audience, and eventually get new sign ups and sales. However, when organising them, a few things need to be kept in mind:

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Sanjana Mitra is the performance manager at Kingscom, managing all performance marketing activities and digital strategy. She has extensive experience across multiple industries such as luxury, FMCG, automotive, technology, real estate and consumer brands. Her experience extends across SEA, China, Australia and India for a number of years.

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