Why Go With A Full Service Agency?

I will never forget the first client / agency meeting I ever attended. I was a new, fresh faced graduate who thought working with agencies in London as an Assistant Brand Manager was the most exciting thing I had ever done. However, it did confuse me when we got into this huge boardroom and there were 4 of us from the client side, 4 from the media agency, 4 from the creative agency and then more people from the shopper marketing agency, design agency and econometrics agency – you know where I am getting at here… 

As a junior marketeer, one of the biggest parts of your role is managing the multitude of agencies you have to work with and making sure that all parties are aligned. I have now worked both client and agency side and understand fully the cumbersome nature of having to work with such a large number of partners. Most recently when I was working for a large media agency here in Singapore, every client would ask me if we could complete creative work too. 

When we were forming Kingscom we were in the midst of COVID, everyone working and collaborating virtually and all of these combined experiences inspired me to make sure the agency we were creating was fit for the future and present reality we are currently working and living in.

Some benefits of working with a full service agency such as Kingscom:

If you’re interested in working with a full service agency, or would like to learn more about Kingscom, what we do and our approach please contact us here.


Kitty Walker is Kingcoms’s Agency Lead, managing the overall agency operations. She has a multitude of experience in the brand marketing and advertising world across EMEA and APAC working both as a Brand Manager in FMCG for a number of years and then within the Media Agency sphere.

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