Kingscom collaborated with CFP Green Buildings, a Dutch software pioneer aiming to enhance building sustainability, for their Asia debut at the Singapore Green Building Council 2023 at Raffles Convention Centre. With their online tools and expert consultancy, CFP transforms everyone into sustainability managers. As they expanded to Asia following their European success, they sought our expertise for an after-movie, promotional materials, and a launch communication strategy.


  • Introduce CFP Green Buildings to critical stakeholders and prospects across Singapore and Asia.

  • Craft impactful video content.

  • Design and deliver two event banners.


  • We crafted a compelling after-movie, gaining our client’s commendation.

  • The film showcased insights from regional industry experts on building sustainability and innovative approaches for its realization.

For targeted outreach to real estate and financial professionals in Singapore: We dispatched a press release to select journalists and media figures, leading to a featured article in the esteemed trade magazine SEAB and a notable piece by regional sustainability expert Ken Hickson on ABC Carbon Blog.

Concluding our efforts, we meticulously designed and produced two event banners.

APAC Roadshow: one step closer to making the world more sustainable