Kings Group Ventures is a multifaceted business with 25+ brands spanning across ten industries, 4000+ members strong, and present in fifteen cities across eight countries, making it a truly global enterprise. They approached us to create a new website for them.


Conceptualize, design, and develop a new website.
Create several copy headlines for the main pages.


In close collaboration with KGV's marketing team and inspired by its brand story, we've crafted a modern, timeless, sleek website that exudes confidence and elegance. The passionate and energetic red is central to the design, reflecting the heart and drive of the KGV Group's founders and team.

Dominated by red, black, grey, and white hues, the website's signature 'Origami K' embodies KGV's ethos: from a blank canvas emerges limitless potential, and with meticulous planning, beauty takes shape. Just as every fold in origami is deliberate, KGV meticulously molds every venture with purpose.

Integral to our collaboration was crafting KGV's new brand tagline, 'Where Passion Meets Persistence.' This succinct statement encapsulates KGV's essence, mirroring their unwavering commitment and fiery enthusiasm in every endeavor.