Vibe Projects sought our expertise for a robust digital campaign to elevate the prominence of their annual MarTech Fest in Dubai. Entrusted with the task of spreading the word and driving significant attendee engagement, we were poised to harmonize creativity and strategic outreach.


Our mission was multifaceted – to amplify the event’s digital footprint and to turn online engagement into physical attendance. In response, we crafted a series of captivating videos and digital ads tailored to captivate and convert the target audience, leveraging platforms and strategies that would ensure optimal reach and engagement.


The outcome of our strategic and creative endeavors was remarkable. We amplified the event’s digital presence and converted online engagements into physical attendance, securing 263 event delegates. The videos and digital ads resonated widely, underscoring the effective melding of creative content and strategic digital outreach, placing MarTech Fest in Dubai prominently on the global map.