Hu Villas in Bali is a high-end hideaway with exceptional staff, lavish surroundings, and personalized service, perfect for those seeking a luxurious escape. However, the occupancy rate of the villas is currently at 60-70%, and their organic engagement on social media channels is relatively low. As a result, they approached us to handle their social media, content creation, photoshoots, and media promotions to increase sales.


Our goal was to improve the occupancy rate of the villas and create more organic engagement on social media channels. We needed to develop a data-driven social media strategy for women and young families.


We successfully implemented a new strategy with a different tone of voice, innovative influencer strategies, and brand partnerships to leverage our client's requirements.


In addition, we launched targeted, customized paid promotions with above-average industry-performing ads, produced a photo shoot, and email marketing campaigns to increase reach, awareness, and sales.


These efforts significantly improved the occupancy rate and engagement on social media channels, exceeding our client's expectations.